The Self Defense of Kodokan Judo (Paperback)

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At present, Kodokan Judo is generally practiced with an emphasis on sports development (renshin ho), mainly based on the practice of the randori and the preparation of sports matches (sport judo). It is very rare to find teachers who focus on the study of Kodokan Judo in the Shobuho or self-defense method. That said, we have observed in recent years a remarkable interest on the part of many teachers to deepen in all aspects of traditional Kodokan Judo, self-defense and katas (both those used today by the Kodokan Institute and Those that are in disuse). In the present work we treat a multitude of documents and accompany them with unpublished photos that show Kodokan Judo as an authentic and effective method of self-defense and not only as a sport. Many of these documents are translations of the first documents that are known in the Kodokan Judo sphere, some of them are over 120 years old. To understand Kodokan Judo from an integral perspective it is necessary to deepen the knowledge of Atemi Waza, Kyusho, Kappo and techniques of dislocation in all joints and be able to use all these resources to repel an aggression. The self- defense within the Kodokan Judo can be studied within all the kata but it also has to be practiced outside the kata, developing a multitude of situations that can be solved with the techniques, principles and foundations of the Kodokan Judo. This is precisely the objective of this book; make a historical journey of the methods of self-defense historically used within Kodokan Judo, showing ancient and unpublished publications and images, written by Professor Jigoro Kano and his direct students and translations that provide valuable and extremely useful information. We accompany him with technical series of self-defense against different situations of aggression. Color book. 204 pages in English.

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