Pump it up Magazine - K-Pop Sensation RUMBLE G - August 2021 (Paperback)

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I hope every one of our readers is enjoying this long hot summer. It's been hotter than usual so please make sure to stay hydrated and cool.

In this months edition, we have on the cover girl group "Rumble G" .

With the emergence and popularity of k-Pop

This group of 4 girls, Didi Ga Yun, BaRum, and IAn are ready to take on the world

with their debut single" Rootpretelcham"

So dive in and read more about the next big K-Pop sensation " Rumble G".

And we approach the day of Michael Jackson's passing we invite you to read a short article to remind you that The King of Pop was a a special person

and a good human being. Gone too soon.

On page 17 is a great article on Girl groups around the world.

Can you guess which is the biggest selling girl group in history?

( not gonna tell) I'll give you a hint..Sugar and S___________ and everything nice That's what girls are made of.

And we move on in our expose of Girl Groups, we introduce you to some girl groups from around the world you may not have been aware of.

Check out some of our hottest new indie artist's,

And my top tips, one of the main reason I created this magazine,

to support and help indie artists

If you need to know more about this music business from an indie artist standpoint, then you will want to pick up or order a copy of The Modern Artist Handbook

by Bernie Capodici. A good and educational read.

Being that I am French and my husband is

American, we have teamed up to introduce a series of children's books ( adults too) to learn French and English in a fun and entertaining way.

So flip through the pages and see even more on Music, Film, Fashion the arts and more.

And don't forget to tune in to Pump it Up Magazine Radio for your daily dose of the best of indie and mainstream artists.


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ISBN: 9781087903446
ISBN-10: 1087903440
Publisher: Pump It Up Magazine
Publication Date: August 6th, 2021
Pages: 34
Language: English