The Duino Elegies (Paperback)

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The Elegies of Duino are among the most beautiful and deepest poems that literature could have left us. They are a passage between the invisible and the visible world. An exploration through the gorges where the terrible nests. A meditation on the diaphanous and hidden earth of the dead. A revelation about the ephemeral and the indestructible of life. A celebration of the earth and all the things that inhabit it. A dialogue between man and angel. One of the highest steps we have reached to reach our complete humanity. "A storm without a name, a hurricane of the spirit," was how Rilke defined them. The Elegies are one of the most translated poems in our language, but never by a writer whose importance is comparable to that of Juan Rulfo. It is not a translation, but a recreation, a rewriting, a new work in itself. This book will make us read in a very different way, forever, both the work of Rulfo and Rilke, two of the greatest poets of our time.

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ISBN: 9781080807048
ISBN-10: 1080807047
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 15th, 2019
Pages: 44
Language: English