The Girl Who Wasn't Me: A Memoir (Paperback)

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Persephone has lived in forty-two homes in seven different states, most of which was before she was a freshman in high school. Her parents set their own agenda for life, shamelessly bringing their kids along for the rocky, steep ride. The Girl Who Wasn't Me tells the story of a complicated relationship with her mom- in this case, one who was struggling with undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder (known as Asperger's at the time) and depression and who would enter and exit her children's life on a whim, not concerned with her children's well-being. Persephone recounts how she was drawn back to her mom by force, need, and necessity, establishing a pattern of abandonment and betrayal. She delivers a raw, real account as she shares the details of her experiences in the spirit of honesty, revelation, and candor. In the process of uncovering family secrets, she began to understand how her mom's undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder and her dad's ineffectiveness caused huge chasms within her that altered the course of her life. Persephone shares details of her experiences, some for the first time, with the audience. She leaves them to decide who, if anyone, is the villain in her story. Persephone finds a path to a successful career and life. But it takes traveling down the road to the past, reliving her painful experiences, and accepting her parents for who they are, and ultimately letting them both go.

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ISBN: 9781080625475
ISBN-10: 108062547X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 20th, 2019
Pages: 212
Language: English