Bible Maps, Chronology, Archaeology Graphics: The Essential Collection (Paperback)

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THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTIONThe Essential Collection is a graphical reference book that features the most accurate Bible Maps and Chronologies available today. When you get the chronology right, the cartography right and the archaeology right, you get the Bible text right. What you read in the book you find in the ground Large format 8.5 x 11, with over 240 full colour high-resolution maps, chronologies, graphics, charts, timelines and photos.WHO NEEDS THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION?1.This book is perfect reading on long haul flights when travelling to Israel for a tour of ancient Biblical and archaeological sites. Every Bible story can be placed in its correct chronological time and precise geography on a map. You will learn more about Israel reading this book on the plane than you will on the entire trip in Israel. It provides an easy reference tool on the tour bus between sites.2.Christians who love to study the Bible including preachers, evangelists, elders, pastors, teachers of church classes or small group studies.3. Put a copy at the pulpit, in the church pews and library as a quick reference guide to the Bible.4. It is a great presentation gift to new converts or a gift to a loved one going on a "Holy Land Tour".Chronologically divided into 13 sections:1.Master Archaeological map plates2.Creation to Joseph: 5554-1870 BC3.The Exodus: 1446 BC4.The Conquest: 1406-1356 BC5.Judges: 1350 - 1094 BC6.United Kingdom: Eli to Solomon: 1094 - 931 BC7.Divided Kingdom: Rehoboam to Zedekiah: 931 - 587 BC8.Babylonian Captivity: 605 - 536 BC9.Greek Kingdom and the Rise of Synagogues: 333-49 BC10.Roman Kingdom, Jesus and Christianity: 49 BC - AD 10011.Textual Transmission of the Bible.12.Biblical Psychiatry and Dichotomous Nature of Man.13.Salvation and End of the WorldHIGH PRECISION CARTOGRAPHY, CHRONOLOGY AND ARCHAEOLOGY: BIBLE ARCHAEOLOGY: Bible cities name on maps feature their archeological name and are located with high precision using satellites and GPS. BIBLE CHRONOLOGY: Chronologies are likewise founded directly upon the Bible with creation in 5554 BC, the Noahic flood in 2850 BC, the birth of Abraham in 2166 BC, the Exodus in 1446 BC, migration of the Philistines 1177 BC, destruction of Shiloh in 1094 BC, birth of David in 1040 BC, Temple begun in 4th year of Solomon in 967 BC, start of Elijah's ministry in 877 BC, conquest of Jehu in 841 BC, death of Elisha in 795 BC, Assyrian captivity in 723 BC, lost book of the Law found in 623 BC, Babylonian captivity 605-536 BC, destruction of Solomon's temple 587 BC, 70 week of Daniel 9 begins in 458 BC, Alexander the Great in 333 BC, liberation of Temple by Judas Maccabeus in 164 BC, Roman empire begins in 49 BC when Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon River, birth of Jesus in 2 BC, death of Herod in 1 BC, crucifixion on Friday 3 April AD 33, Herod's temple burned on Monday August 6th (10 Av) AD 70. BIBLE ARCHAEOLOGY: Archaeological plates feature date of origin, provenance place and date, current museum location, translation along with related Bible verses.What you read in the book you find in the gro.

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