Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book: A New View At Yoga Poses (Paperback)

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Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book: A New View At Yoga Poses

Do you practice yoga with passion and would like to intensively explore the asanas and its effects on your body? Do you also have a creative streak and find relaxation through painting? Look no further as this book is a creative way to learn about the human anatomy and how doing yoga can affect it

Yoga originally came from India and is, as we know today, one of the oldest exercise practices in the world. Today, this recognized sport enjoys great popularity and is practiced regularly by many people. The combination of relaxation, mindfulness, and effective training is especially appreciated and makes yoga the ideal option for all those who want to strengthen their body, reduce stress, and find themselves.

Anyone who has ever attended a yoga course or tried the exercises, called asanas, at home can confirm that yoga puts stress on the muscles. But which exercise stimulates which parts of the muscles? The Yoga Anatomy Colouring Book answers this question in an illustrative way. The coloring book contains 50 pictorial representations of the asanas, including marked and labeled muscle groups. Highlighted inscriptions indicate the activity of the respective muscle groups.

The "Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book" is a true all-rounder that serves several purposes at once. On the one hand, it contains instructive information to educate Yoga fans about the most common postures and human anatomy. On the other hand, the book invites you to grab colored pencils and spice up the anatomical illustrations with color. In this way, it combines a learning effect with the opportunity to let off steam creatively.

Inside You Will Find:
  • Unlimited ways to be creative through the art of coloring.
  • 50 illustrations of the most common asanas
  • Accurate yoga poses for coloring and practice
  • Well defined images of the human anatomy which focuses on movement and direction
  • Labelled muscle groups
Color while you meditate. Choose the Yoga Anatomy Colouring Book and immerse yourself in a world of exciting knowledge and creativity.

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Publication Date: June 18th, 2019
Pages: 102
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