Why Am I Still a Christian?: A Philosopher's Journey in Faith (Hardcover)

Why Am I Still a Christian?: A Philosopher's Journey in Faith By Joseph A. Buijs Cover Image
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Why am I a Christian? Why is anyone a Christian or remain a Christian? These questions can readily occur in our increasingly secular environment. A prevalent mind set suggests that there is no point to being Christian: that it is a cultural remnant of our upbringing, a belief system out of step with enlightened thinking, a moral code at odds with contemporary society. Does it, then, still make sense to adhere to a Christian tradition? Is it reasonable to be and remain Christian when atheistic criticisms imply otherwise?
A philosophical excursion explores these questions under the headings of Tradition, Reason, and Faith. It critically discusses the what and the why of being Christian. It differentiates explaining how we may have acquired faith and Christian commitment from justifying why it may nevertheless be reasonable to have faith and to remain Christian. A personal narrative shows how approaches to these questions changed over the course of the authors personal life and academic career teaching philosophy.
Why am I or why is anyone a Christian? Because, as the author concludes, it can be a reasonable choice to adopt and retain a Christian faith commitment.

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ISBN: 9781039100374
ISBN-10: 1039100376
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: March 12th, 2021
Pages: 174
Language: English