Microgreens Beginners Guide 2021: Learn everything about microgreen cultivation at indoor and outdoor (Paperback)

Microgreens Beginners Guide 2021: Learn everything about microgreen cultivation at indoor and outdoor Cover Image
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Microgreens Beginners Guide 2021

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Do you want to grow your own kitchen garden? Do you want to boost your immune system, improve cardiovascular health, and lose weight? Do you want to enrich your diet with mouth-watering herbs that you can grow on your kitchen counter or windowsill?

In this book, you'll find out what microgreens are, why you need them, how to grow them, and so much more With this book, you'll be able to start improving your life and health right now Whether you're interested in growing and selling microgreens or want to use them for vigorous health, this book will tell you everything you need to know to start growing and consuming microgreens Moreover, this book will show you how to cook and eat these delicious plants, turning every plain meal into a delicacy With the instructions and tips given in this book, you'll know exactly which seeds to buy, how to care for them, and how to cultivate them to start seeing results within days

In this book you find:

● What exactly are microgreens?

● Why are they so popular?

● What's their true nutritional value?

● How do you grow microgreens?

● How much do you water and fertilize microgreens?

● And so much more Microgreens is based on expert research and uses present-day findings to help you understand the true benefits of cultivating microplants for vigorous health, a delicious diet, and a profitable business. In Microgreens: An Essential Guide to Grow Nutrient-Dense Organic Microgreens for Your Health or Profit, you'll find the best instructions on how to: ● grow your own microgreens from scratch;

● use the tools you already have in your kitchen and shed to create your own mini garden;

● reap the benefits of nutritious microgreens with simple and easy meals; and

● start your own business. That's right Microgreens will show you how to grow your own business from cultivating microgreens, by showing you how to:

● take the first steps to grow mini-batches;

● grow your production to bulk agriculture;

● use best practices for choosing marketable crops and seeds;

● apply the best techniques for planting, fertilizing, and watering your produce;

● find your best customers;

● advertise your microgreen business;

● calculate startup costs and determine the initial investment into commercial microgreen growing; and

● run your business like a pro by following simple safety and quality guidelines. Hurry up and get Microgreens Don't miss out on simple, easy, and on-point instructions for growing microgreens and turning them into a profitable business Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve health and finances in a matter of weeks

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ISBN: 9781008963436
ISBN-10: 1008963437
Publisher: Robert Flores
Publication Date: May 13th, 2021
Pages: 86
Language: English