Teachings and Commandments, Book 2 - A Glossary of Gospel Terms: Restoration Edition Paperback (Paperback)

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Have you wondered what "Zion" means? Or "Holy Order"?

Well, you're not alone. Millions of people worldwide have stumbled across terms like these in the Bible and other sacred texts, and have wondered what they really mean.

A Glossary of Gospel Terms provides inspired and thought provoking insights into many of the most interesting terms and puzzling concepts found in scripture. A wealth of information, this intriguing book should be the companion of everyone searching for a deeper understanding of the things of God.

Covering hundreds of scriptural topics, A Glossary of Gospel Terms adds depth to seemingly well-understood topics, and provides new and delicious insights into those areas of spirituality that have been shrouded in mystery until now.

This book is not a traditional Bible Dictionary or compendium. It is not a concordance or a simple list of references. Rather, A Glossary of Gospel Terms is a kind of handbook that digs deeper. It draws upon the recently completed and canonized Restoration Edition of the scriptures, as well as insights, explanations, and quotations from last-days scholars of the historic Christian Reformation and current believers in the Restoration movement - using them as keys to unlock mysteries and expand the reader's understanding of some of the most important - yet misunderstood - passages of scripture.

Of particular interest and value to Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, LDS Mormon, Fundamentalist and even non-denominational sects, A Glossary of Gospel Terms restores hundreds of ancient religious ideas and truths that have been neglected, pushed aside, and forgotten. Its objective is to uncover truth, establish a common vocabulary of terminology for discussing and understanding the Bible and other scriptures, and inspire readers to look into those subjects further. If pursued by study and by faith, seekers of truth will find their minds enlightened by the Holy Ghost, and their understanding of God, Jesus Christ and His gospel stretched and expanded in unexpected and delightful ways.

As a companion reference for your favorite study bible, journaling bible, bible guides and workbooks, A Glossary of Gospel Terms will provide new depth and understanding to your religious studies, worship and devotion.

The six (6) total books comprising the Restoration Edition of the scriptures include:

Part 1: The Old Testament, Genesis - 1 Chronicles
Part 2: The Old Testament, 2 Chronicles - Malachi

Book 1: The New Testament
Book 2: The Book of Mormon

Book 1: Teachings & Commandments
Book 2: A Glossary of Gospel Terms

This is Book 2 of Volume 3: Teachings and Commandments. When used in conjunction with your study of the Restoration Edition of the scriptures, also published by the Restoration Scriptures Foundation, a whole new world of personal growth and spiritual understanding awaits.

Let's begin the journey

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