Beautiful Strange: Memoirs of a Life Once Lived (Paperback)

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Beautiful Strange: Memoirs of a Life Once Lived is a vivid compilation of poetry and prose that beautifully depicts the life of novelist and poet Kalandra St. George. As it trundles fluidly through a vast landscape of emotions, Beautiful chronicles a lifetime of love, resentment, self-doubt, and revelation. It embodies all of the elements of the human mind in a time of struggle, wonder, and constant inquiry, told through a soulful collection of prose. St. George lays bare her deepest thoughts and secrets to her readers through the vivid language of poetry.

...and although each time i was left less than before there always seemed to be more beauty a hellious beacon whose only purpose was to attract prowlers continuously to my tomb so here i lay lifeless and desecrated exposed and hopeless looted and plundered shattered and torn exhausted and angry ashamed and confused but still oh so Beautiful -Jackals In the Night

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ISBN: 9780997811698
ISBN-10: 0997811692
Publisher: VIP Ink Publishing Group, Inc. / Printhouse B
Publication Date: March 1st, 2017
Pages: 54
Language: English