Annals of Gay Sexuality 2015: The Contemporary HIV Zeitgeist (Paperback)

Annals of Gay Sexuality 2015: The Contemporary HIV Zeitgeist Cover Image
By Robert Birch (Editor), Marcus Greatheart (Editor)
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Over the past year or more, the gay guys we know, love and fuck are having sex differently, particularly in relation to HIV. For more than three decades the virus has injected itself into the sexual congress of gay men. In 2015, our resistance to and acceptance of this disease has reached new levels of generational and cultural discord. Between these covers you'll find a cocksure, uninhibited exploration of how gay men today are screwing with HIV/AIDS in light of recent medical advances like Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Treatment as Prevention (TasP).

The Contemporary HIV Zeitgeist delves into the visceral, often transgressive, realities of how we so-called Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) navigate eros and carnal pleasures with each other and our ever-present bloodborne lover.

This volume marks the virgin edition of the Annals of Gay Sexuality (AGS), an interdisciplinary journal of incendiary stories and visual art for people who get hot and bothered about gay men, the ways we love and lust, hurt and heal.

AGS uses the Arts as a new methodology to research emergent ideas and subjective experiences in gay male communities that have, until now, not yet been described in the research literature. AGS contributors expose the present-day tastes, textures, sights and smells of our sex, from the mating rituals at a group sex potluck to sexting between cis- and transgender bears; from mile-high club poetry about Patient Zero to pillow talk between friends who are untangling sero-discordant envies. Both heart-breaking and hair-raising, these authors and artists whip it out and make us gag on our HIV-saturated gay lives and in the process evoke frothy new cultural and sexual paradigms.

Intervening in this carnal knowledge translation are editors Robert Birch and Marcus Greatheart, art director Pan, and a savvy group of artists, academics, and health providers. This collection resonates, and will engage readers in an enthusiastic social intercourse about the issues that penetrate our collective sexual psyche. Stimulated? Titillated? Hook up with us at

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ISBN: 9780991798933
ISBN-10: 0991798937
Publisher: Ethica Press
Publication Date: September 14th, 2015
Pages: 166
Language: English