Zen Comma (Paperback)

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"Five stars well deserved." Commas are confusing. Unlike other types of punctuation, they are used in many ways. If you want to write clearly and professionally, you need to use commas correctly. Zen Comma will show you how. Zen Comma uses examples, instructions, and anecdotes to teach you the 14 major uses for commas and the most common errors. It also contains exercises to help pinpoint the comma rules you need to learn. Each chapter begins with correct examples, explains the rules for correct usage, covers common errors, and discusses special considerations so you can use commas correctly, intelligently, and conscientiously. Topics include: Commas in Series Commas when Joining Sentences Commas after Introductory Descriptions Commas with Interjections Commas with Appositives Commas with Side Comments Commas with Names Commas with Therefore, Too, and Other Conjunctive Adverbs Commas with Adjective Pairs Commas with Which and Who Commas with Final Descriptions Commas with Parenthetical Expressions and Absolute Phrases Commas with Dates, Addresses, Ages, and Titles Commas with Quotations Commas with Either...Or and Other Correlative Pairs Commas between Subjects and Predicates Commas between Compound Predicates.

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ISBN: 9780988507845
ISBN-10: 0988507846
Publisher: Write Well Publishing
Publication Date: February 10th, 2014
Pages: 84
Language: English