One-Eyed Princess: Gaining depth in sight and mind (Paperback)

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How would you feel if at the age of 29 you found out that about 95% of the population can see in stereo depth (3D vision) and you can't?

Susanna Zaraysky discovered at age 29 that she could only see with one eye at a time and only had two- dimensional (2D) vision. She found out that there was a way she could improve her lack of depth perception via binocular vision therapy.

Susanna was born with crossed eyes (strabismus) and had two operations to cosmetically straighten her eyes. However, no eye doctor had ever told her that the asymmetry in her eyes caused limited depth perception and problems with driving, parking, walking down stairs and other activities like tennis and partner dancing that required hand-eye coordination.

One-Eyed Princess shows the journey of a stereoblind person doing eye muscle and brain exercises to straighten her eyes and rewire her brain to wake up dormant binocular brain cells. While doing vision therapy, she struggled with double vision (diplopia) while learning to use both eyes together. Along the way to seeing the world in more detail and appreciating depth, Susanna learned not only to see the physical world anew but also to feel reborn into a new inner world.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780982018910
ISBN-10: 0982018916
Publisher: Kaleidomundi
Publication Date: June 1st, 2016
Pages: 296
Language: English