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A step-by-step guide and reference manual for Mexican condominiums.If you own a condo apartment or a house in a gated condo, you should be aware of the most common mistakes your condo administration could be making that can affect the value of your property.If you're a member of a condo administration, you owe it to yourself and the homeowners you represent to make sure your condominium is being run properly, efficiently, and in compliance with the state condo law.If you're thinking about buying a condo, you need to be able to tell whether the condo is being administered properly. This could directly affect both your experience as a resident and your future property value.If you're a real-estate agent, you owe it to your clients to know how to spot problems with the running of the condos they're looking at.You've probably found that there's widespread misinformation about the nuts and bolts of running a condo in M xico - assuming you can find any reliable info at all Much of the problem comes from unsubstantiated opinions or maintaining of the status quo. Some early condos made mistakes when they were set-up, and these have been continued by new condos copying them Eventually, poor (and often, illegal) practices become the standards on which new condo administrations are based. The real problem is that detailed and accurate information has not been available to you. Until now . . .This book grew out of the author's own frustration with this same problem. After doing several years of research, he gathered together all the information needed for you to properly administer a condo according to the Jalisco condo law, and organised it for you into a single book. At first, you can use it as a learning guide, and then as a day-to-day reference.In this book you'll learn: The two different types of condo meetings, their purpose, and how they're runHow to correctly carry out votes and elections (including Rules of Order)The correct way to charge fees, and how to collect overdue accountsThe rights and duties of owners, the Administrator, and the Council (Board)How to overcome owner dissatisfaction by using eff ective communicationsAnd much more . . .As well as in-depth information, you also get many sample forms and other documents - all useful in the dayto-day running of your condo - by simply registering your book purchase online.

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ISBN: 9780981353319
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Publisher: Jaliscocondos.Org
Publication Date: March 9th, 2011
Pages: 606
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