The Essence of Empathy: An In-Depth View of Empathy and Compassion (Paperback)

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Most everyone on the planet is aware of the word empathy, but what is it?

Empathy is experienced in two basic forms, instinctual and innate. The most common form of empathy is instinctual. It is based in self-preservation and the need of the individual is more important than the need of others. Everyone has this form within them. Another form of empathy is innate. This form of empathy is based in an innate feeling of care for others. These two forms of empathetic care determine how we treat others and our self.

Instinctual empathy cares more about oneself before others. This manifests as disharmony with others and becomes problematic for society. This is the basis of selfishness.

If a person has innate empathy, they tend to be caring, but care at their own expense. They feel the pain of others and another's pain often becomes theirs too. This causes the individual to feel disharmonious within oneself.

There is a way to solve both kinds of empathetic disharmony. Empathy is a connective energy. It does not tell you how you connect with yourself or others; you do, with the depths of your being, or you do not. This book will teach you how to be in harmony with the essence of your empathy.

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Publication Date: July 5th, 2021
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