Resolving Conflict in Nonprofit Organizations: The Leaders Guide to Constructive Solutions (Paperback)

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Conflict resolution designed for the unique needs of nonprofits Whether you're dealing with arguments about how services should be delivered or power struggles between board members, Resolving Conflict in Nonprofit Organizations will help you understand, identify, and resolve conflict constructively. Use this guide to recognize and deal with conflict before it becomes destructive; resolve conflicts using the eight-step process; learn and practice key conflict resolution skills; break deadlocks using specific techniques; create a better working environment that will attract and retain employees; and equip the people within your organization to handle their own conflicts constructively. The guide's eight-step process shows you how to spot conflicts, decide whether to intervene, uncover and deal with the true issues involved, and design and carry out a conflict resolution process. Worksheets, checklists, and conflict resolution forms keep the process on track. Exercises help you learn and practice conflict resolution skills such as affirming and restating, mirroring body language, asking neutral questions, reframing issues, and breaking deadlocks. This valuable guide also tells you how to handle special conflicts such as harassment, discrimination, illegal activities, disagreements with funders, and more. If outside help is needed, you?ll find information on searching for and choosing the right assistance. With Resolving Conflict in Nonprofit Organizations, you'll have the tools to handle most types of conflict internally. Start using this practical guide in your organization right away.

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ISBN: 9780940069169
ISBN-10: 0940069164
Publisher: Fieldstone Alliance
Publication Date: January 1st, 1999
Pages: 176
Language: English