Heroes Of The New Age (Paperback)

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All was quiet along the army lines as the sleepy soldiers settled in for a cold, dark winter's night. Not so with the oppressed band of defenders behind the walls they had built; all were alert and ready for action, their eyes fixed upon the man in their midst who was the most valiant warrior among them. He was more awake than he had ever been in his life - every nerve of his body surging with energy, he was ready for action . . .

Here are the men and women who took up the Cause of the B b, whose revelation in 1844 was to shake the very foundations of the land of its birth and reach every corner of the globe, initiating a new era in human civilization. It called forth a band of souls of matchless spiritual strength - the Heroes of the New Age. The stories of Mull Husayn, Qudd's, T hirih, Vah d, Hujjat, the maid Zaynab, the youth An's, the seven Heroes of God at Tehran and the many other heroes of Tabars , Nayr z and Zanj n are vibrantly retold here by Edward Diliberto.

Includes questions for discussion on each chapter.

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ISBN: 9780853985761
ISBN-10: 0853985766
Publisher: George Ronald Publisher Ltd
Publication Date: November 20th, 2018
Pages: 146
Language: English