Cultural Revolution Posters & Memorabilia (Schiffer Book for Collectors) (Hardcover)

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By Edison
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The Cultural Revolution in China was a time of upheaval and change. Millions of lives were disrupted and much effort was spent by the government and the Party to "reeducate" the populace through a great propaganda campaign. Posters, ceramic statues, Red Books, pins, and a myriad of other means were designed to get the message across. Now, after the opening of China to the West, these things are finding their way into the collector's market. In this remarkable volume, the history of an era and the material culture that it generated are shown in over 450 color images. They include 180 posters that set the tone as art and as propaganda. The iconography of the posters was used to rally the people around the programs and personalities of the Maoist regime. In addition there are hundreds of ceramic statues, "Little Red Books," awards, ration coupons, wall hangings, prints, and many other objects included that promoted the Cultural Revolution and sought to influence the Chinese people. For graphic artists, collectors, and Sino-historians, these items have growing importance. With its concise and informative history and beautiful color illustrations, this book provides an introductory guide to the meaning and value of a variety of the most common posters and artifacts to be found in markets in China and the West, along with brief explanations of their historical background and their current value.

About the Author

Born in the People's Republic of China, Victoria Edison came to Los Gatos, California, as a high school exchange student and stayed to complete college. An avid collector of Chinese political memorabilia and vintage and antique items, she now has owns De Sino Gallery in Berkeley, California. James Edison hails from southern California. First intrigued by the events of the Cultural Revolution in college, James took a teaching position in China in the late 1980s to learn more about the country. Now he assists Victoria with her business and works as a land economist.

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Publication Date: October 11th, 2005
Pages: 176
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