Zen in the Art of Darts: A Western Approach (Paperback)

Zen in the Art of Darts: A Western Approach By Ethan Froebel Cover Image
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The definition of Zen is to be "ordinary." What? You want to win, and winning is not ordinary To Zen, winning is ordinary Losing is also ordinary. How is this so? Again, there are many ways to practice the art of Zen. Meditation (zazen, tai chi, and yoga0, riddles (koans), ceremonies (tea ceremony), art (Zen in the Art of...), and martial arts (warrior intuition). In order to become ordinary, mustn't one first become extraordinary? This is the inner warrior sage spirit. A child is fascinated by the archer of dart thrower who consecutively delivers their missles to the bull's-eye. Even as adults we observe seeingly impossible tasks with awe. We feel inspired or inferior. We feel inspired or inferior. Is there Zen in it?

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ISBN: 9780692694497
ISBN-10: 0692694498
Publisher: Newvo Peace Publishing
Publication Date: April 19th, 2016
Pages: 66
Language: English