Stepping on Toes: Set free to say what others say they "can't afford to say." (Paperback)

Stepping on Toes: Set free to say what others say they
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When Ruth Underwood expressed her concern about several significant Scriptures that are usually avoided, a forthright pastor answered, "There are certain things we can't say. You lay people will have to say it." She ventured to reply that the guideline for pastors seems to be "Don't step on any toes." His response - "That's pretty much the way it is."

Not only does the church often avoid discussing a variety of touchy subjects, it has earned a reputation for refusing to speak out about injustices when those responsible are big contributors. Toes, toes everywhere.

Ruth sometimes challenged the accepted and the established where there was injustice in her church, school and community. She found joy in speaking out on behalf of victims despite the unpleasant consequences that often come with rocking the boat.

That adventure led to the writing of this book. After she signed a contract with a well-known publisher, the editorial department urged a pen name and the use of false names for people, organizations and the city. How ironic for a book about speaking out. After Ruth rejected that requirement, she decided to self-publish.

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ISBN: 9780692179277
ISBN-10: 0692179275
Publisher: Night Shining, Inc.
Publication Date: December 4th, 2018
Pages: 98
Language: English