This Is Why You Dream: What Your Sleeping Brain Reveals About Your Waking Life (Hardcover)

This Is Why You Dream: What Your Sleeping Brain Reveals About Your Waking Life By Rahul Jandial, MD, PhD Cover Image
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A fascinating dive into the purpose and potential of dreams

Dreaming is one of the most deeply misunderstood functions of the human brain. Yet recent science reveals that our very survival as a species has depended on it. This Is Why You Dream explores the landscape of our subconscious, showing why humans have retained the ability to dream across millennia and how we can now harness its wondrous powers in both our sleeping and waking lives.

Dreaming fortifies our ability to regulate emotions. It processes and stores memories, amplifies creativity, and promotes learning. Dreams can even forecast future mental and physical ailments.

Dreams can also be put to use. Tracing recent cutting-edge dream research and brain science, dual-trained neuroscientist and neurosurgeon Dr. Rahul Jandial shows how to use lucid dreaming to practice real-life skills, how to rewrite nightmares, what our dreams reveal about our deepest desires, and how to monitor dreams for signs of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. 

In the tradition of James Nestor's Breath and Matthew Walker's Why We Sleep, This Is Why You Dream opens the door to one of our oldest and most vital functions, and unlocks its potential to impact and radically improve our lives.

About the Author

Rahul Jandial, MD, PhD, is a dual-trained neurosurgeon and neuroscientist. He oversees the Jandial Lab at City of Hope Cancer Center in Los Angeles, and through his nonprofit organization International Neurosurgical Children's Association (INCA), he performs and teaches brain surgery in underserved hospitals in Central and South America, southeast Asia, and eastern Europe. He is the author of several books, including the international bestseller Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon and Life on a Knife’s Edge.

Praise For…

“Dr. Jandial writes with verve and delivers powerful insights based on science, stories and his personal synthesis of big ideas. This book will change your life.” 
–Lewis Howes, author of The Greatness Mindset and host of The School of Greatness podcast

 "We spend an enormous portion of our lives in the doppelgänger state of dreaming – but commonly with little insight into why and how. Jandial elegantly lifts the curtains on the dreamscape territory, beautifully illuminating this universally shared experience."
–David Eagleman, neuroscientist at Standford, author of the New York Times bestseller Incognito and Livewired
"In his engaging and information-packed new book, Jandial enthusiastically explores the slumberous state, offering tips to help readers use dreams to reach their full potential around the clock... This Is Why You Dream is a fascinating, eye-opening dispatch from the world of neuroscience." BookPage

“After several decades of reading and reviewing books on sleep and dreams, I think This Is Why You Dream is one of the best I’ve encountered. Rahul Jandial writes persuasively and with authority and imagination.”
–Richard Restak, neurologist and author of The Complete Guide to Memory
“An imaginative and mesmerizing exploration of our dreaming brains—a tour de force!”
–Dr. Q (Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, MD), Professor and Chair of Neurologic Surgery at Mayo Clinic
“How inspiring that dreaming keeps our imagination boundless. For anyone in the arts and creative spaces this is a must-read book and an instant classic!”
–Bryan Fogel, Oscar-winning filmmaker
“An important book. The writing is beautiful, the explanations are graspable, and the stories are revealing.”
–Julia Samuel, international bestselling author of Grief Works
“A rich and multifaceted exploration of dreams that offers valuable insights into ourselves, our relationships, and the human existence.”
–Sandy Nunez, Vice President of On-Air Talent Management for the NFL Network
“This is a remarkably bold and beautifully written book!”
–Melissa Barak, Artistic Director of Los Angeles Ballet
“Rahul Jandial’s insights and explanations about the dreaming brain can literally help unlock human potential in creativity, imagination, and health. A fascinating read!” 
–Tesa Aragones, president of AKQA and former Global Brand Marketing Director for Nike

“Rahul Jandial’s book This Is Why You Dream is illuminating and inspiring.  For any artist, it's a treasure of scientific insight into the creative process.”
–Michael Becker, Grammy-nominated musician

“Dr Jandial is a wonderful guide into the world of dreams – a deeply intriguing book!”
–Dr. Karan Rajan, author of This Book May Save Your Life
“As a photographer and musician, I found Rahul Jandial’s book, This Is Why You Dream illuminating and inspiring.  For any artist, it's a treasure of scientific insight into the creative process.”
–Michael Becker, Grammy-nominated musician

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