The Young Reader: A Game Plan for Parents to Teach Their Little Ones How to Read and Problem Solve (Paperback)

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A lifelong love of reading for your child starts here

Learning to read early gives children a jumpstart on problem-solving, better concentration, and improves curiosity. But sometimes teaching your child to read can feel like a chore requiring patience and so much repetition. Make it fun instead Transform boring literacy lessons into opportunities filled with praise and positive results, no matter what learning style is best for your child

In The Young Reader, retired Reading Recovery teacher Margaret Craig shares proven teaching strategies for parents to guide young children on their path to becoming independent readers and intelligent problem-solvers. Full of interactive techniques for kids of all ages, this is your resource to ready your child as a reader and student who can process information creatively and constructively.

You'll discover:

  • Technology-free, 15-minute strategies to help your child sound out words and problem-solve when they get stuck.
  • Eight "see-hear-do" practice activities to encourage a clearer understanding of letters and phonics.
  • How to select books at the right level so your child can learn and enjoy stories without frustration and struggle.
  • Tips to incorporate the 5 love languages for more effective praise while meeting your child's need for affection.
  • Helpful instruction tools such as a personalized ABC book to support your child's literacy journey.

If your child learns to problem-solve as they learn to read, they won't have a problem reading-and the literacy journey will be easier, more fulfilling, and more enjoyable for both of you. Get The Young Reader today and give your child the problem-solving skills and experiences to succeed in every aspect well beyond childhood

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ISBN: 9780578779775
ISBN-10: 0578779773
Publisher: Basil Sun Publishing
Publication Date: February 4th, 2021
Pages: 122
Language: English