Summary & Discussions of Why We Sleep By Matthew Walker, PhD: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams (Paperback)

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Note: This is a Summary and Discussions of Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker, PhD.

Who Should Read "Why We Sleep"?

We all need sleep, yet we consistently don't get enough. Research shows that most people average less than seven hours of sleep per night. This book is perfect for those who:

  • Struggle to wake up in the morning
  • Wonder why they never feel good anymore
  • Have mood, memory, weight, or anxiety problems
  • Have a family medical history that includes dementia, heart disease, or cancer
  • Are searching for an improved lifestyle
  • Need help learning how to sleep better

What's in It for Me, and Why is it Important?

Matthew Walker, PhD says that we are now in the midst of a global sleep-deprivation epidemic. Humankind has entered a health crisis that goes beyond simply feeling tired. Research consistently reveals that the lack of sleep increases the risk of a variety of health ailments, including Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart disease, and depression.

You'll Soon Discover...

  • How sleep affects every aspect of your life, including your mental and physical health.
  • Why eight hours of sleep a night is absolutely essential, and why a power nap isn't going to make up for staying up late.
  • Why teens are impossible to get out of bed in the morning, and how we are setting them up for failure in life.
  • Why older people eat supper at 4:30 pm, and how sleep deprivation can be causing their confusion.
  • How to get better sleep on a consistent basis for absolutely free.

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