Power, Chaos & Consensus: Updating Democracy Using Consocratic Theory (Paperback)

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Power, Chaos & Consensus is both a 'big picture' and a detailed look at how we might fix the mess we humans have created for ourselves on this finite blue planet in the 21st century.It is not another religious text or a fuzzy book on vague philosophy. It is simply a plan; a plan for the future of humankind, written by a professional Planner based on ideas that he has found in his travels already in use somewhere on this planet. Put together in a single package now updated, this possible planetary fix can be used right out of the box by any size group of people anywhere in the world. - Noam Chomsky described it as "Extremely Interesting " after being given an early draft of this book back in 2011 Sociocracy's Sharon Villines, co-author of "We The People" said."The book is really incredible and very well written. What is really wonderful is that he understands all the dimensions of the issues in a public context." and Mike O'Brien - Book Reviewer for the Ethiopian Herald said "This book addresses nothing less than our fundamental human dilemma"Power, Chaos & Consensus offers hope by showing us in detail how we as individuals and as a planet could do all of these things and more. Ted's second book, "The Old Man in the Bag" is a collection of true short stories that gently tell how he became interested in Consocratic Theory 50 years ago while living in a grass hut helping several dozen very poor Ethiopian farmers establish a new town in the lowland jungle of Ethiopia's Rift Valley (available in paperback and electronically)

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ISBN: 9780473498900
ISBN-10: 0473498901
Publisher: National Library of New Zealand
Publication Date: October 7th, 2019
Pages: 430
Language: English