Tiny Monsters: The Strange Creatures That Live On Us, In Us, and Around Us (Hardcover)

Tiny Monsters: The Strange Creatures That Live On Us, In Us, and Around Us Cover Image
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Did you know you share your home with monsters?!  In this book explore the menagerie of tiny and unusual creatures—arthropods (insects, mites, and spiders)—found in our lawns and gardens, our food, our beds, our clothes, and even our eyelashes.

You may not know it . . . but you share your home with monsters! 

Some of these monsters are so tiny that they were barely recognized, even by scientists, until the invention of the electron microscope. Although they may seem like aliens from another planet, these miniscule creatures live right alongside us.  And just about all of them are harmless—and some are even helpful! 

In his signature cut- and torn-paper style, Steve Jenkins shows readers that—seen up close—these pesky critters are as fantastic looking as any creature on Earth. This Caldecott Honor–winning duo also uses informational graphics and diagrams to demonstrate just how big the critters are, where they live, and how many there might be in your home right this second!

About the Author

Steve Jenkins has written and illustrated many nonfiction picture books for young readers, including the Caldecott Honor–winning What Do You Do with a Tail Like This? His books have been called stunning, eye-popping, inventive, gorgeous, masterful, extraordinary, playful, irresistible, compelling, engaging, accessible, glorious, and informative. He lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and frequent collaborator, Robin Page.

Robin Page lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband and collaborator, Steve Jenkins. She has worked on numerous bestselling and award winning titles, including Caldecott Honoree What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?. Along with writing and illustrating children’s books, Steve and Robin run a graphic design studio.

Praise For…

"Jenkins and Page team up to tackle a subject that may make your skin crawl—while introducing you to what’s crawling on your skin."—The Horn Book

"Another impressive outing by a popular pair."—Kirkus

"[The creatures'] strange, surreal, and sometimes alarming forms mesmerize."—Publishers Weekly

"Jenkins' cut-and-torn-paper collages (some highly magnified) are particularly effective in depicting minute features that would not be visible with the naked eye."—Booklist

"Noted natural science chronicler Jenkins finally full-on embraces the horror genre with his gallery of minibeasts, creatures ranging from an inch or so in length down to microscopic"—BCCB

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ISBN: 9780358307112
ISBN-10: 0358307112
Publisher: Clarion Books
Publication Date: November 17th, 2020
Pages: 32
Language: English